Kate Middleton’s Style Is Usually Down To Earth, But These 40 Outfits Were Eye-Poppingly Expensive

Kate Middleton has become a style icon to women around the world since she formally joined the British royal family in 2011. And her range of fashion continues to turn heads, as do the prices of the garments. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list that details 40 of the Duchess of Cambridge’s most expensive outfits to date.

40. Blue floral dress: $163

Back in April 2020 Kate joined her family outside to applaud the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS). She was wearing a Ghost blue floral gown which cost $163, according to the Daily Mail. The newspaper added that the garment swiftly went out of stock, as consumer demand rose by more than 120 percent.

39. Sandro top: $195

Kate and her husband Prince William used the video conferencing platform Zoom to get in touch with some charity workers in May 2020. But fans couldn’t help but take note of the beautiful top she chose to sport during that conversation. It was a white cardigan out of Sandro, and the U.K. publication valued it at around $195.

38. Fjällräven gilet: $220

A lot of eyes were on Kate when she made her first public outing in June 2020 after several months inside. She was snapped at a gardening store in the English county of Norfolk rocking a blue shirt and dark jeans. But it was the duchess’ Fjällräven gilet which garnered the most attention on that occasion. Meanwhile, the item cost $220, according to the Daily Mail.

37. Jaguar Land Rover boots: $435


Kate opted to dress in an all-black outfit during a 2017 visit to a Jaguar Land Rover factory in Birmingham, England. Yet all eyes were drawn to her boots that day. The Stir by CafeMom had the shoes priced at $435, and they certainly helped round off her look.

36. Paddington Station dress: $465

Most people don’t usually dress up when they head to the train station. However, Kate is certainly an exception to that. Back in 2017 she followed William and Prince Harry to London’s Paddington Station for a charity function. The royal was decked out in an eye-catching pink dress from seamstress Orla Kiely, which the aforementioned website valued at $465.

35. Casual tweed jacket: $599


Kate opted for a more relaxed look to help mark her opening royal commitment in 2019. The duchess rocked a tweed Dubarry coat alongside a pair of dark pants while venturing around King Henry’s Walk Garden in London, England. Furthermore, the Insider website pegged the price of the jacket at $599.

34. Yellow silk dress: $624

Kate’s silk gown immediately captured a lot of attention when the duchess made a special online appearance on This Morning in May 2020. The yellow garment was from the Raey clothing company – prompting fans to rush onto its website. And the Daily Mail reported that interest in the $624 outfit rose by nearly 200 percent during that period.

33. Rose print dress: $693


Kate joined several other famous faces to offer her support as Mental Health Awareness Week rolled around in May 2020. But it was the duchess’ fashion selection which would go on to hit the headlines once again. She wore a rose print gown in her video, and it led the garment to go out of stock at Beulah within a day, according to the U.K. newspaper. Furthermore, it valued the dress at $693.

32. Smyth blazer: $795

Naturally, blazers aren’t always the easiest item of clothing to pull off. But Kate had no such problems in October 2018. She was captured in a Smyth jacket during a visit to the Basildon Sporting Village in Essex, England. Insider estimated that the gray garment cost the royal $795.

31. Red military jacket: $1,020


Kate clearly owns a number of jackets at home, but she’s opted to wear her red military coat on several different occasions. This stylish garment also includes gold buttons on the midriff and both sleeves. Meanwhile, The Stir pegged the item at $1,020.

30. Blue lace dress: $1,095

Kate decided to wear a blue lace gown from Temperley London to mark World Mental Health Day in October 2017. And this beautiful outfit was estimated by the aforementioned publication to cost $1,095. But the event was significant for another reason, too; it coincided with the news that she and William were having a third child together.

29. Christmas skirt: $1,112


Kate got the 2018 festive season started off with a bang after attending a Kensington Palace Christmas get-together in style. The duchess rocked a red plaid skirt from designer Emilia Wickstead alongside a dark Brora top and black boots. According to Insider, that eye-catching skirt cost the royal $1,112.

28. Red Armani suit: $1,198

Back in April 2017 Kate rocked up at the new Global Academy education facility in Hayes, England. She arrived there in an eye-popping red Armani suit – standing out from the crowd once more. And as per Elle magazine, that particular outfit was worth $1,198.

27. Purple Gucci blouse: $1,300


In 2019 Kate traveled to the Henry Fawcett Children’s Center wearing a Gucci blouse. But people quickly realized that the duchess had opted to sport the purple garment back-to-front. Nevertheless, the shirt – which cost $1,300, according to The Richest – still looked great on her at the time.

26. Wimbledon dress: $1,338

Wimbledon is one of the most important events of the entire tennis season. However, it could be argued that Kate stole the show at the 2017 tournament. She decided to wear a white outfit decked in floral patterns that year – standing out from the crowd. The Stir reported that the Catherine Walker design was priced at $1,338.

25. Purple wool dress: $1,400


In the summer of 2017 Kate went to a royal engagement in Hamburg, Germany. She was snapped in yet another Emilia Wickstead design, yet this one was a bit different to the skirt. The duchess sported a purple slim-fitting wool dress, which was valued by the AmoMama website at $1,400.

24. Yellow sundress: $1,424

On the same trip to Germany, Kate also ventured through the town of Heidelberg and dropped in at the German Cancer Research Institute. Though she decided to wear a stunning yellow sundress from designer Jenny Packham on this occasion. The personalized garment was priced at $1,424, according to The Stir.

23. Blue polka dot dress: $1,638


Kate dusted off an old item from her wardrobe to help celebrate International Nurses’ Day in May 2020. And it certainly gained plenty of attention, as her fans scrambled to find similar polka dot garments online. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail estimated that the blue dress cost $1,638.

22. Pregnancy dress: $1,700

Kate was heavily pregnant with Prince George when the Queen’s yearly garden celebration rolled around in 2013. But that didn’t stop her from attending the prestigious event and rocking a beautiful yellow dress by Emilia Wickstead. The Richest website reported that the outfit set her back by $1,700.

21. Blackpool outfit: $2,065


In March 2019 Kate proved that she can still look incredibly glamorous whatever the weather. The duchess visited the English city of Blackpool on an especially miserable day that month, but her fashion sense lit up proceedings. She wore a Michael Kors peacock print dress and a green jacket, while carrying a bag from Manu Atelier. All together, Insider valued the full look at $2,065.

20. Dark polka dot dress: $2,300

Kate seems to love her polka dot designs, but this little number is slightly darker than other ones she has been seen in. The duchess decided to wear the outfit on a May 2019 trip to Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, England. Overall, the Alessandra Rich design was priced at $2,300 by The Stir.

19. Plaid dress: $2,400


Kate sported an eye-popping plaid dress during a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London back in October 2018. And she placed a dark red belt around her midriff to round off the look. The outfit was designed by Erdem Moralioglu, and The Stir valued it at about $2,400.

18. Groovy Gucci dress: $2,400

Kate opted for a unique-looking Gucci item with a groovy black and white number during another visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum in June 2017. This particular item was also priced at a cool $2,400, according to the aforementioned publication.

17. Sparkling dress: $2,480


In February 2019 William and Kate found themselves inside a pub in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While there, the duchess sported a sparkly green outfit and arguably became the most glamorous barmaid in history. Although the gown cost $2,480 on the Net-A-Porter website, it was reportedly out of stock in a flash when the pictures emerged.

16. Garden party ensemble: $3,000

Kate wore another beautiful outfit to commemorate a special moment during her trip to Germany in 2017. She and William celebrated the Queen’s 91st birthday in Berlin, with the former sporting a flowing red dress by Alexander McQueen. Meanwhile, The Stir reported that this number was worth roughly $3,000.

15. Lace flower midi dress: $3,000


Kate managed to attend a big function in February 2018 despite being heavily pregnant with Prince Louis at the time. The event in question was The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange Reception held at Buckingham Palace. And while there, the duchess sported a $3,000 floral lace gown from Erdem Moralioglu.

14. Blue Royal Ascot dress: $3,100

Royal Ascot is one of the highlights of the British sporting calendar, but Kate managed to steal the show in 2019. On that occasion, she elected to wear a light blue gown by designer Elie Saab with a matching hat. The dress this time was valued at $3,100, according to The Stir.

13. St. Patrick’s Day coat: $4,000


Kate opted for a suitable outfit to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day in 2019. The duchess rocked a dark green jacket from Alexander McQueen alongside a Lock & Co. Hatters hat and a pair of black gloves. As per The Richest, the garment cost Kate around $4,000.

12. Lace Royal Ascot dress: $4,000

Kate pulled off an incredible showing at the Royal Ascot event in 2017. She sported a jaw-dropping lace garment – standing out from the crowd once more. And this beautiful number set the duchess back over $4,000, according to The Stir.

11. Skin-colored gown: $4,500


Back in June 2011 Kate decided to wear a skin-colored dress by Jenny Packham at an event in London. Then some five years later she slipped it on again for a charity function in Norfolk. For its part, ET estimated that this gorgeous item cost in the region of $4,500.

10. Floral print dress: $4,800

Every year, the Queen pops by to view the various arrangements at the Chelsea Flower Show. And in 2019 she was accompanied by both William and Kate. The latter opted to wear a floral print gown by Erdem Moralioglu, which The Stir valued at about $4,800.

9. Catherine Walker coat: $4,950


In 2016 Kate traveled to Canada for her latest royal engagement and was seen in the same light pink Catherine Walker jacket throughout the trip. After that, the Duchess pulled it out again in London some three years later – highlighting her love for the garment. The Richest reported that it was worth $4,950.

8. Canadian dress: $5,000

Kate rocked a $5,000 Alexander McQueen outfit in 2016 after touching down in Vancouver, Canada. And it’s believed that the royal was paying her own tribute to the Great White North due to the dress’ white and red colors.

7. Sky blue evening gown: $5,000


Evening gowns aren’t the easiest of outfits to pull off. However, Kate certainly looked the part in March 2017. She turned up at a function in spectacular fashion alongside her husband William in Paris, France. The Jenny Packham dress had a sky blue shade to it, while The Stir reported that the piece cost around $5,000.

6. Powder blue coatdress: $6,022

Naturally, Kate owns a fair share of jackets and coats. But it could be argued that this outfit by Emilia Wickstead is one of her best. The royal sported the powder blue garment and a pair of earrings on a trip to Luxembourg in May 2017. And it cost Kate $6,022, according to Elle magazine.

5. Little black dress: $6,211


Sometimes it’s best to go for something simple when you are trying to find the right outfit. Kate certainly did that in March 2017 during her trip with William in Paris. The duchess slipped on a black dress by Alexander McQueen, which Elle valued at roughly $6,211.

4. BAFTA dress: $10,605

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTAs) ceremony is one of the biggest nights of the film award season. And Kate stole the show once more at the 2017 event as she was decked out in a gorgeous black outfit from Alexander McQueen. The garment included an eye-popping pattern and was worth $10,605, according to The Richest.

3. Maid of honor outfit: $14,000


Kate took on the maid of honor role for her sister Pippa’s wedding in 2017. The duchess subsequently went back to Alexander McQueen for her gown – opting for a beautiful pink-colored effort in the end. Meanwhile, the dress, earrings and headwear came in at $14,000, The Richest reported.

2. Chanel suit: $17,277

Kate rocked yet another stunning outfit over the course of her 2017 stay in Paris. She wore a tweed Chanel gown coupled with a belt and handbag by the same brand. The royal also picked out some ornaments from Cartier, too. As a result of that, the aforementioned publication valued the full outfit at $17,277.

1. Wedding dress: $434,000


In April 2011 Kate and William tied the knot in a ceremony watched around the world. But of course, all eyes were on the bride’s wedding dress, which again came from Alexander McQueen. And the Sarah Burton design had an estimated value of $434,000, as reported by various sources.