Here’s What These Forgotten ’60s Stars Have Been Up To Since The Days Of Flower Power

It’s been over four decades since some of the biggest stars took Hollywood by storm during the ’60s. Yet while some of them have remained at the peak of their game, others have faced personal trials and tribulations in the years that followed. So let’s take a look to see how some of the biggest names of the flower power era have fared since…

34. Cher

Cherilyn Sarkisian – or Cher to you and I – has showcased a longevity unparalleled by most stars. After forming the husband-and-wife duo Sonny & Cher in 1965, the singer would gain enviable success as both a singer and actress right through to the present day. Indeed, just the sheer number of Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes and Oscars to her name proves just how popular a performer she is.

33. Aretha Franklin

You don’t get the nickname “Queen of Soul” for nothing and Aretha Franklin’s work is worthy of anybody’s “Respect.” Franklin released her first single in 1960, and since then she’s sold more than 75 million records and has influenced just as many singers worldwide. Speaking to The New Yorker, Barack Obama even argued that “American history wells up when Aretha sings.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

32. Marianne Faithfull

Though she’s known as a singer, Marianne Faithfull was equally famous for her daring rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. In fact, one story of her being caught by police naked but for a fur rug is arguably more well-known than her music. Nevertheless, a career revival in the ’90s made her instantly recognizable to Generation Xers and led to collaborations with the likes of Beck and Metallica.

31. Faye Dunaway


Rising to fame in the latter part of the ’60s, Faye Dunaway’s big break came with 1967’s Bonnie and Clyde. Further hits like The Thomas Crown Affair and Chinatown followed before the star won an Oscar for Network in 1977. And while she remains a respected actress, Dunaway has since played a more low-key role in Hollywood – a fact she attributes to 1981’s maligned Mommie Dearest.

30. Julie Andrews

Perhaps the most beloved actress of the ’60s, Julie Andrews became a family favorite following roles in both Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. And although an injury to her vocal chords in 1997 robbed her of her singing voice, she continues to enthral fans young and old today. Most recently, her educational show Julie’s Greenroom is set to hit Netflix in 2017.

29. Ann-Margret


Ann-Margret might have trained as a singer, but she really made her mark through cinema. Indeed, films like Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas – in which she starred opposite Elvis Presley – showcased both her singing and her sex appeal. Later classics like Carnal Knowledge, meanwhile, stretched her acting talent to the full. Nowadays, Ann-Margret can be found in TV series like Law & Order: SVU, for which she won an Emmy in 2010.

28. Honor Blackman

James Bond films have featured many glamorous ladies at the spy’s side, but Honor Blackman is possibly the best remembered. As the outrageously named Pussy Galore, Blackman proved herself more than just a love interest in 1964’s Goldfinger. And now, although she remains a staple of film and TV, Blackman is also heavily involved with politics and activism.

27. Jane Fonda


The daughter of esteemed Hollywood star Peter, Jane Fonda followed in her father’s footsteps and achieved cult status with 1968’s Barbarella. However, her activism against the Vietnam War made her a public figure of a different nature during the ’60s, even earning her the nickname “Hanoi Jane.” These days the Oscar winning actress can be still be seen on screen in the popular Netflix sitcom Grace and Frankie.

26. Vanessa Redgrave

Following Vanessa Redgrave’s 1937 birth, Laurence Olivier declared from the Old Vic’s stage that “a great actress has been born.” And indeed, Olivier’s words couldn’t have been more prophetic as Redgrave became one of the ’60s most respected stars. Seven Oscar nominations and one win later, the actress continues to bring her talents to the screen, the stage and the political arena.

25. Judi Dench


Throughout the ’60s, Judi Dench earned a reputation as one of England’s finest stage actresses. However, the star achieved her greatest successes at the turn of the millennium with seven Academy Award nominations and one win for Shakespeare in Love in 1999. In fact, her prestige is so great that the word “dench” is now slang for “great” in the U.K.

24. Twiggy

Often considered one of the world’s first supermodels, Twiggy helped shape the look that would epitomize Swinging London. After her career on the catwalk, the star – aka Lesley Lawson – has worked as an actress, TV host and animal rights activist. Nevertheless, she remains rooted to the fashion world and can currently be seen modeling for Marks & Spencer.

23. Diana Ross


When it comes to R&B, it’s hard to find anyone as influential as Diana Ross. As a member of the Supremes, Ross helmed 12 number one singles during the ’60s including 1964’s iconic “Baby Love.” And later, the star launched a successful solo career – with hits like 1985’s “Chain Reaction” – and she was declared Billboard’s Female Entertainer of the Century in 1996.

22. Sophia Loren

While considered an ugly duckling as a child, Sophia Loren would grow into one of the decade’s most beautiful women. After a string of ’50s hits in her native Italy, Loren moved to Hollywood in the ’60s where she earned popularity and acclaim – including an Oscar – for her work. And although she seldom acts today, she gained praise for a supporting role in 2009’s Nine.

21. Diana Rigg


Probably best known by the name Emma Peel, Diana Rigg arguably remains the coolest woman to ever grace a TV screen. Besides her work on the British spy show The Avengers, Rigg also became the only woman to wed James Bond in 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. And these days, her role as Game of Throne’s sharp-tongued Olenna Tyrell has helped maintain her reputation as TV royalty.

20. Danny Bonaduce

Given his stint in the hugely popular The Partridge Family, Danny Bonaduce is often seen as rather more of a ’70s star. Regardless, he actually made his acting debut in 1969 with the enchanting series Bewitched. But in the intervening years Bonaduce’s life has been checkered; he hit a particular low in 1990 when an attempt to buy cocaine ended up with him being arrested. Still, the good news is that he’s now back on track and working as a radio host and wrestler.

19. Jerry Mathers


Although he started his career as a toddler, it wasn’t until the ’60s that Jerry Mathers became a household name thanks to his role in the sitcom Leave it to Beaver. However, Hollywood didn’t beckon for Mathers; instead, he signed up to the Air National Guard and got a college education. And while he’s since had some minor TV and movie roles, today he can mostly be found guest hosting radio shows.

18. Barbara Eden

Barbara Eden found success in ’60s comic hit series I Dream of Jeannie, playing the eponymous trouble-causing genie. And since then she’s stayed pretty busy, writing her memoirs and continuing to act until the present day. Life hasn’t always been kind to her, though: in particular, she suffered a breakdown after her only son, Matthew, overdosed and died in 2001.

17. Jay North


Jay North was just six when he landed the cheeky title role in Dennis the Menace back in the ’60s. And after the series’ end he continued acting, lending his voice to animated TV shows such as The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show. However, North has also since been vocal about how he suffered from a difficult childhood while acting. He now puts his experiences to good use, then, by helping today’s kids working in showbiz.

16. Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells played Mary Ann Summers in Gilligan’s Island, the popular sitcom centered around seven people trapped on a desert island. And the former Miss Nevada’s long-running acting career continues today. Yet Wells hit headlines for the wrong reasons in 2007 after being arrested for reckless driving. While searching her car, moreover, police found marijuana; fortunately for Wells, though, someone else stepped forward to claim the drug as theirs.

15. Tina Louise


As Gilligan’s Island’s seductive Ginger Grant, Tina Louise was immensely popular with viewers. Behind the scenes, though, the actress’ fights with producers didn’t win her any favors. And later she would even blame Ginger for stopping her from being cast for meatier roles. However, Louise continued acting as well as branching out into releasing music and becoming an author. She’s now also a keen advocate of getting children to read.

14. Butch Patrick

As werewolf Eddie Munster in The Munsters, Butch Patrick might have been going for scary, but there’s no denying that he was actually pretty cute. Patrick, too, has continued to act after the show that made his name; he’s also been pretty busy learning to play the bass and appearing at fan conventions. Unfortunately, though, a long-term habit drove him to enter drug rehabilitation in 2010. Plus, a battle with prostate cancer would be in store for him the following year – luckily, however, the disease was discovered early on in its progress.

13. Julie Newmar


Before Anne Hathaway donned the famous costume, Julie Newmar was the original Catwoman in the ’60s hit show Batman. She continued acting in minor roles and sometimes still graces the screen today. But, fascinatingly, she’s actually spent much of her life since finding fame as a businesswoman. In the ’70s, for example, she obtained patents for women’s underwear; the following decade, meanwhile, saw her go into property investment in LA.

12. Tippi Hedren

Tippi Hedren is perhaps best remembered for her work with Alfred Hitchcock – in particular, her Golden Globe-winning lead role in the terrifying thriller The Birds and her star turn in Marnie. After the plethora of TV show and movie parts that followed, however, Hedren unleashed her charitable side by setting up the Roar Foundation – a non-profit dedicated to preserving wildlife. And in 2016 she resurfaced to allege something truly harrowing – specifically, that she was sexually assaulted by Hitchcock while the pair were working together.

11. Shirley MacLaine


Shirley MacLaine achieved fame in the ’50s, but it was in the 1960s that she became a true Hollywood star. Indeed, she received two Oscar nominations that decade for her roles in Irma la Douce and The Apartment. What’s more, her career would continue to thrive in the following decades, with that coveted Academy Award finally clinched in 1983. But although she still acts today, MacLaine is now more notorious for feuds with co-stars and her open relationship with her ex-husband.

10. Nichelle Nichols

As one of the first African-American characters not to play a servant, Nichelle Nichols broke ground as Lieutenant Uhura in TV’s Star Trek. After the series was canceled, moreover, Nichols even worked alongside NASA, helping them recruit more women and minority employees. Plus, she too continues to act – most recently, in The Young and the Restless.

9. Warren Beatty


After a string of acting credits in the ’60s, Warren Beatty made his mark in Hollywood when he produced and starred in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. Impressively, it went on to be nominated for ten Oscars. However, even with an enviable 14 Academy Award nominations under his belt, Beatty’s last outing as director for Rules Don’t Apply wasn’t award-winning: in fact, the film was a total flop.

8. Catherine Deneuve

French star Catherine Deneuve juggled a career as a successful actress, muse to Yves Saint Laurent and a model. Nicknamed the “Ice Maiden” after spending her time playing distant but alluring characters in the ’60s, today Deneuve continues to act, appearing in films alongside her two children.

7. Raquel Welch


While there’s no denying that Raquel Welch is a successful actress in her own right, it’s perhaps her deer-skin bikini in the film One Million Years B.C. that gets most people talking. In fact, because of that infamous scene, Welch was named as Playboy’s Most Desired Woman of the Decade. Yet while she continues to appear on screen today, she keeps a considerably lower profile than in her heyday.

6. Ursula Andress

Swiss actress Ursula Andress had her first real taste of success after taking on the role of Honey Ryder, the Bond girl in Dr. No. However, while she appeared physically in the film, her voice was dubbed over because her accent was considered to be too strong. And Andress continued acting until 2005; since then, though, she’s stayed out of the limelight while struggling to fight osteoporosis.

5. Britt Ekland


After having a quiet start to the beginning of the ’60s, Swedish actress Britt Ekland came into her own in the latter half of the decade, with a string of successful appearances in films such as The Night They Raided Minsky’s. And she’s also since had a string of high-profile romances, including a marriage to Peter Sellers and a relationship with rocker Rod Stewart. Currently, though, she lives a relatively quiet life with arguably fewer headlines to her name.

4. Sarah Miles

Despite being nominated for awards for her roles in ’60s films Term of Trial and The Servant, Sarah Miles is probably best remembered for her romances with Laurence Olivier, Steven Spielberg and Robert Mitchum. However, today she has opted for a calm life and works as an alternative healer and therapist. Plus, she’s been drinking her own urine for 30 years to benefit her health. Well, rather her than us…

3. Katherine Ross


After receiving critical acclaim for her roles in The Graduate and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Katherine Ross established herself as a true Hollywood star. And those early hits led her to a decades-long career that has seen her on stage and on screen up to the present day. Ross’ personal life has seen its ups and downs, however; in 2011 it was alleged that she was physically assaulted by her own daughter, and Ross gained a restraining order against her as a result.

2. Tania Mallet

Tania Mallet might be memorable as Bond girl Tilly Masterson in Goldfinger, but it was nevertheless her only on-screen appearance. Indeed, even though the film made Mallet a star, she declined to act again, claiming that the money was “dreadful.” As a result, she went back to her career as a model – in recent years, though, she has been rather under the radar.

1. Clint Howard


Clint Howard starred as Mark Wedlow in Gentle Ben, a TV show all about Wedlow and his titular bear heading out on adventures. Yet while he also appeared in other TV and film roles throughout the ’60s, with time his success gradually began to decline. And in contrast to his director and Happy Days star brother Ron Howard, he’s only had minor roles on screen since.