20 Smart Tips To Make Your Shoes More Comfy – And Why Your Feet Will Thank You

Shoes are something that we wear on a daily basis. As a result, most of us know only too well the many problems that footwear can pose. From blisters to unpleasant odors, there are various factors that can diminish our shoe-wearing experience. So we’ve compiled these 20 hacks that will lead to happy feet.

20. Sand your way to better grip

Some new shoes, particularly those with soles made from leather or plastic can be notoriously slippery. So to prevent any nasty accidents, sand the bottom of any risky footwear in order to give them more traction. The trick also works on old shoes that have been worn down, meaning you’ll never risk falling flat on your face again.

19. Use deodorant to banish blisters

We usually use deodorant to prevent us from sweating under our arms. However, perspiring feet are one of the major causes of blisters, as they create friction in our shoes. So next time your heels begin to rub, reach for your antiperspirant in order to avert any nasty chafing.

18. Invest in a shoe stretcher

These odd-looking devices take the pain out of breaking in your shoes. Stretchers can be used to shape footwear for a better fit, and also maintain that form for future wear. In short, shoe stretchers should be seen as an investment against painful feet and misshapen shoes.

17. Make your own inner soles


Inner soles can be used for a whole host of reasons; from simply improving a shoe’s fit to correcting posture problems. However, there’s no reason to splash out on store-bought varieties. Instead, use a thick non-slip material, such as an old yoga mat and create your own.

16. Cover your flip flop straps in fabric

Flip flop straps are often made from unforgiving, very strong plastic. And while this material helps the casual shoes become more durable, it can be bad news for our poor feet. By wrapping straps in colorful fabric though, you can stop the straps from rubbing while creating a colorful, designer edge.

15. Use tape to prevent aching feet in heels


Wearing high heels increases the pressure on the ball of your foot, leading to a lot of discomfort. However, some super-practical fashionistas have discovered a fail-safe way to prevent the pain associated with stilettos. Simply taping your third and fourth toes together takes the strain off your foot, meaning that you can dance all night long.

14. Widen boots with spray and newspaper

If your calves are too big for your boot shafts, do not despair. By deploying stretch spray and newspaper, boot legs can be easily widened. And if you don’t have the correct canister to hand, rubbing alcohol works just as well.

13. Quieten squeaking shoes with baby powder


There’s nothing more irritating than a squeaking shoe. However, you don’t have to put up with noisy footwear any longer. According to this hack, a simple sprinkle of baby power beneath a shoe’s inner sole can silence the screeching in an instant.

12. Eliminate nipped toes with a bag of ice

If your favorite pair of shoes are a little tight around the toe area, this nifty trick is for you. Just take said footwear and place a sealed bag filled with water into the front cavity. When placed into the freezer, the liquid will turn to ice, gently stretching the shoe as it solidifies.

11. Use thick socks and a hairdryer to painlessly break in shoes


Next time you buy a pair of shoes that need wearing in, don’t waste countless painful hours walking around your house. Instead, heat the shoes up using a hairdryer and slip into them while wearing a pair of thick socks. Parade around in them for a while, and then repeat the process until you’ve stretched the material to a comfortable fit.

10. Waterproof fabric shoes with wax

While cloth shoes may be lightweight and a breathable, they provide little protection from water. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By quickly wiping them over with beeswax and blasting them with a hairdryer, soggy feet can become a thing of the past.

9. Get heels professionally shortened


If a pair of stilettos that are too high to be comfortable have stolen your heart, consider getting a cobbler to shorten them. An expert should be able to lower a heel by up to an inch without spoiling the overall structure, so you can still look fabulous without breaking your feet.

8. Give give your stilettos a new lease of life with ready-made caps

Once you’ve found that perfect pair of stilettos that fit well and are comfortable all night, you’ll be tempted to wear them to death. But if you do grind those heels down, don’t despair. They can be easily rescued with the help of some store-bought replacement heel caps like this one.

7. Save wet leather shoes with newspaper


Leather shoes should be kept completely dry as far as reasonably possible. However, sometimes it’s hard to avoid certain puddles or downpours. If your favorite brogues do get a soaking, stuffing them with balled-up old newspapers will help to soak up some of the excess water.

6. Use maxi pads to make boots more comfortable

According to some shoe experts, thick maxi pads actually make better inserts than specialized gel-filled ones. As a result, they make the perfect crafter’s inner soles for boots. You probably don’t want to use this hack for sandals though, unless you’re willing to raise a few eyebrows.

5. Mold sandals to your feet by wetting them


Strappy sandals can pose all kinds of chafing and rubbing problems for feet, especially if they’re ill-fitting. However, if your gladiators are made of real leather, you can mold them to your feet by simply spraying the straps with warm water while wearing. Once they’re soaked, allow them to dry while you’re in them and finish the process with a leather treatment cream and some sealer.

4. Balm up your blisters

For most people, lip balm is a handbag staple. But you might be surprised to learn that the cosmetic product has another use outside of keeping pouts perfected. By applying the salve to blister-prone areas before hitting the town, you can save yourself a lot of discomfort.

3. Use green tea to soothe blisters


It turns out that green tea isn’t just great for detoxifying our bodies – it also works on blisters, too. The tea’s anti-inflammatory qualites give it great healing properties. So next time a blister pops up, just place soaked tea bag on the affected area.

2. A glue gun can help you gain more traction

Another way to make the soles of your shoes less slippery is by creating your tread pattern using a glue gun. Once the sticky substance dries you’ll be left with your very own custom-designed grips that will keep you on your feet.

1. Use heel protectors to prevent that sinking feeling


While stilettos may look good, they’re hardly practical – especially when it comes to grass. Next time you have to go off-road in your best shoes, purchase these ingenious heel protectors to prevent becoming stuck in the mud.