20 Of The Greatest “This Is Not My Cat” Moments That Have Been Captured On Camera

It’s often said that cats choose their owners, not the other way around. So when a feline has a human in their sights, there’s not much a person can do but accept that they’ve been claimed. Here, we take a look at the 20 best times tenacious tabbies have left unsuspecting people crying “that’s not my cat.”

20. Cat gang claim new territory

A woman was just about to start her day when she found something unexpected on her doorstep. Looking out onto her porch, reddit user Queen_Riotness spotted a large clowder of cats cuddling up beside her door. “I live on a dairy farm and there are lots of cats here,” Queen_Riotness explained. “On the plus side, we have no rodents!”

19. Cat and dog team up for double trouble

Imgur user ErinRSteward doesn’t own this Labrador. Neither does this black and white cat belong to her. However, that doesn’t stop the twosome from putting their natural aversion to one another aside so that they can team up and terrorize her in the comfort of her home – every single day.

18. Clever kitten takes advantage of humans’ good nature

When one couple found a stray kitten all alone, they decided to start feeding it. However, little did they know that the cat would soon exploit their kindness. Because, about two weeks after the animal first accepted their food, it turned up on their doorstep with what looked like the whole hungry family in tow.

17. Stray finds his new favorite spot


This cat found his mark, and when his victim invited him inside, he didn’t need asking twice. In fact, he used the opportunity to stretch out on the couch for a snooze. On imgur, user LoganMichael3 explained, “There has been a stray cat outside of my house since summer. Today we decided to let him inside to stay warm and a few hours later we found him like this!”

16. Someone is watching you

Descending down the stairs to find something staring at you through the banister is literally the stuff of nightmares – particularly if that something is an intruder. So when imgur user I_LIVE_ON_THE_SUN realized that she was being watched by this sinister-looking cat, her heart must have skipped a beat.

15. This man came home to some new arrivals


When one guy returned home one day, presumably the last thing he expected to find was a momma cat nursing her babies – especially since he didn’t have a kitty. However, that’s just what happened. It’s not clear what he did next, but we don’t know how he could possibly refuse those sweet fur babies.

14. This person’s home was no match for spider cat

As well as being excellent climbers, cats are known to be cunning too. So when this puss set its sights on one home, it combined both these skills to get itself noticed. Displaying spider-like agility, the feline effortlessly scaled its target’s window, before fixing them with its death stare.

13. Cat stalks his latest prey


Have you ever sensed two small, green eyes boring into you only to look up and discover that someone is spying on you? Well, that’s exactly what happened to one unsuspecting human when they found a black cat monitoring their every move. “Today I was eating breakfast and I felt like someone was watching me,” they wrote on Twitter, adding, “I don’t own a cat.”

12. Something tickles this feline’s fancy

While on exchange in France, California-native whatthebeans was cooking up a storm in her kitchen. However, as she stirred her concoction, she realized that she wasn’t alone. Her baking skills had seemingly caught the attention of local cat, and it had its eyes set directly on her cake mixture.

11. Closet cat


A smoky gray cat was hiding behind redditor obi_wan_malarkey’s jeans, which left him pretty shocked. However, it seems that he’d been asking for a surprise feline visit all along. “Pretty sure it’s the neighbor’s cat,” he explained. “We leave the windows open when it’s nice outside.”

10. The cat’s cradle

One parent was checking their baby’s room when they noticed something wasn’t right about one of their soft toys. The problem was that one furry companion sitting in the crib was, in fact, a real-life cat. “Didn’t spot him at first so got a slight shock,” the mom or dad revealed on reddit. “Also, that is not my cat.”

9. Feline gives human that sinking feeling


When one person entered their kitchen at 5:30 a.m. to find a cat sitting in their sink, they must have thought they were dreaming. Luckily, though, they got the photographic evidence to prove that their midnight-visiting moggie was not a figment of their imagination.

8. Man wakes up to find curious caller

While spending time with his in-laws, one man might have imagined that his every waking move would be monitored. However, he probably didn’t anticipate he’d be watched in his sleep, too. Posting a picture of a cat staring at him intently, imgur user JobaTron5000N wrote, “While visiting my girlfriends family in New York, I woke up to this… They don’t own a cat.”

7. Cat uses powers to tame crocodile

Given that they appear to keep a baby alligator as a pet, imgur user Codyjarrell can’t be faint-hearted when it comes to household animals. But with that said, even he must have been slightly shaken when he found his fearsome reptile and a strange cat sat in his tub. They were simply hanging out together, minding their own business.


6. Kitty scales seven stories just to freak guy out

Living on the seventh floor comes with many bonuses, including awesome views and a higher degree of privacy. So since TheJazzJackrabbit doesn’t get many unexpected visitors on his balcony, it’s little wonder that the discovery of this furry foe and its glowing eyes left him frightened. “This is it…this is how I die,” he wrote on imgur, which could have been his famous last words.

5. Kitten escapes undetected but leaves behind vital clue


Yelnats87 had just finished some home maintenance when they decided to indulge themselves in a well-deserved rest. However, when they entered their living room, they found their couch was covered with tiny white paw prints. “Finished painting the kitchen, went to sit down and found this. Nothing too strange, except the fact I don’t have a cat,” they explained on reddit.

4. “They’ll never spot me here”

Unlike their canine counterparts, cats aren’t known for their loyalty. For example, this puss regularly cheated on his real owners to come and hang out at his neighbor’s house instead. Yet on this occasion, his chosen human caught him getting comfy in a vase. “He thinks he’s flowers,” they later wrote on reddit.

3. Cat throws in the towel on failed hiding place


When this moggy found himself a cozy corner of some stranger’s bathroom, he must have thought he’d hit the jackpot. However, the home’s owner busted him, and he swiftly sent a photo to his bemused offspring. “I’ve had two cats before, but I can tell you, this buddy isn’t mine,” the redditor revealed.

2. Man finds himself a hairy hitchhiker

It seems that it’s not just our homes at risk of feline intruders. When Paul Shears went to his vehicle one day in 2017 he found one cheeky kitty had claimed his trunk as its own. Writing on Instagram, Shears said, “This is definitely my car but I’m pretty sure that’s not my cat.”

1. Holidaymakers get surprising welcome after vacation

When some travelers returned home from a two-week vacation, they discovered that they’d had an unexpected housesitter. Indeed, it seemed that while they were away, a kitty had snuck into their abode and made itself at home on top of their aircon unit. It’s unclear how the feline reacted to its new tenants, but we’re sure it didn’t leave without some encouragement.