The 40 Calmest Dogs You Can Welcome Into Your Family

When you’re looking to get a dog, you’ll probably ask yourself, “What breed should I go for?” After all, certain types of canine might not suit your needs. But if you and the family are searching for a chilled pooch, you’ll have plenty of choice. So with that in mind, here’s a selection of the 40 calmest dogs around today.

40. Rhodesian ridgeback

First things first – that’s a cool name for a dog breed. But aside from that, the Rhodesian ridgeback is an incredibly quiet canine who usually shows little interest in barking. According to Woman’s Day magazine, that could be due to the stature of some of them. They’re pretty big, so their size is usually enough to deter any nearby menace. That’s good for your ears!

39. Newfoundland

If Newfoundland sounds more like a place than a dog breed, that’s because it is! It’s the region in Canada from which the beautiful pooches originate. As for their personalities, the dogs are said to be very chilled, and will show plenty of love towards their owners. The ideal family pet right?

38. French mastiff

While the French mastiff might not be the prettiest dog in the world, there are few other breeds that can match their faithfulness. You see, once you welcome one of these canines into your house, they’ll stick to you like glue. And if properly trained, the animal should be friendly with whoever it comes across.

37. Irish setter


Are you looking for a dog that will help guard your home? Well, the Irish setter isn’t the breed for the job. As per Woman’s Day magazine, those pooches are more likely to make friends with the intruder than attack! So if you’re after a pet that shows warmth and doesn’t generate much noise, they’re perfect.

36. Bergamasco

It’s fair to say that the Bergamasco is one of the most unusual-looking dogs on the planet. Just take a peek at its hair! Yet these canines are also well-known for their good nature around people. Plus, thanks to their ancestors’ experience as animal herders, they’ve retained a form of self-sufficiency in their personalities.

35. Whippet


With a name like whippet, you might expect this breed to be pretty lively. But while they like to horse around on occasion, these dogs are actually pretty chilled out for the most part. According to the Whippet Rescue and Placement website, they don’t make much noise – unless you leave them by themselves for a bit. Then you’ll hear a few barks!

34. Basset hound

Even though basset hounds aren’t the biggest dogs in the world, you’d be hard-pressed to name a more relaxed breed. These cute pooches are perfect for families with young kids, as they get along with anyone. They’re friendly with different animals as well, so that’s a bonus if you’ve already got a pet at home.

33. Pekingese


If you’re searching for a dog that will relax with its owner, the Pekingese breed could be the one for you. Apparently, they have a tendency to burrow into your legs when you sit down. You should be able to take their weight! So yes, they’re essentially canine couch potatoes.

32. Japanese chin

At first glance, Japanese chin dogs might look like yappy little things. You’d be mistaken, though. According to Woman’s Day, the tiny pooches rarely ever bark, making them ideal if you’re after a quiet companion. But they’re big snorers due to the bone structure of their faces. Maybe you could buy some earplugs for bedtime!

31. Pug


Let’s be blunt here – pugs are arguably the biggest goofballs in the canine kingdom. And that’s not a bad thing! These dogs love to play around with their owners, seeking their approval. Yet while they’ll put on acts if something doesn’t go their way, the animals don’t lose their rag easily. They’re pretty serene in truth.

30. English bulldog

The English bulldog is still considered to be an iconic dog breed today. In part, that’s down to their unmistakable appearance, standing out from other canines. But it’s said that the animals are quite passive too, and love nothing more than relaxing with their clan. Kids will adore them!

29. Chinook


Unlike some other breeds, Chinooks go out of their way to avoid making noise around people. Sounds perfect right? But if you own a garden, keep this in mind. You see, these dogs are diggers and could go to town in your yard. So Woman’s Day suggests that they’re probably better suited to those who live in apartments.

28. Clumber spaniel

While the Clumber spaniel might not have the most exotic name, it’s ideal for those who want a warm companion at home. The dogs are quick to make friends, so don’t trust them to scare off intruders. The animals are also incredibly laid-back – to the point that they should be upside down!

27. Bernese mountain dog


The Bernese mountain dog is a stunning breed that’ll draw plenty of eyes when you go for walks. Who wouldn’t want a dog that looks like that? So it’s a good thing that they’re reportedly calm and loving around their owners too. But the canines can get a little clingy. Not the worst downside in the world!

26. Glen of Imaal terrier

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – that’s a great name! The Glen of Imaal terrier is a very tender breed, so they’ll fit with families who don’t want a boisterous dog. Plus, the pooches aren’t big barkers. According to the American Kennel Club website, that ties back to their past as hunters of foxes and rats. Noise would’ve given them away.

25. Leonberger


If you want to own a dog that’ll stick by you through thick and thin, the Leonberger might be the perfect choice. These canines are very composed, showing lots of love once they’ve formed a bond. The breed also have a tendency to become quite defensive of their clan when push comes to shove.

24. Dalmatian

Is there a more recognizable dog breed than the Dalmatian? These pooches boast stunning black-and-white coats, standing out from the crowd. But how are they as pets? Well, as reported by Woman’s Day, the animals won’t bombard you with noise: instead, they’ll quietly look to make friends with your family.

23. Shih tzu


While you might not think it at first, shih tzu dogs are actually pretty measured in their temperament compared to other breeds. In fact, they’re said to be very chilled out once you’ve welcomed them into your life. But don’t forget: the tiny canines will still shower you with kindness despite their surprising disposition.

22. Greyhound

Away from the racetrack, greyhounds are excellent dogs to adopt as pets thanks to their laid-back personalities. Some would say that they’re closer to cats in that regard! Mind you, while the canines can get a little nervous around people, they still like to curry favor with their families at home.

21. Akita


Akitas are a truly beautiful breed that wouldn’t look out of place sitting on a bed of plush toys. They’re adorable! Alongside their appearance, the dogs are known for being pretty quiet too. You see, the Akita Rescue Society of America reported that they used to be hunters. If the pooches do start making noise, though, there could be something wrong.

20. English toy spaniel

As you can probably tell from the name, English toy spaniels are very small dogs. Yet at the same time, they’re quite mellow around the house. Yes, it’s believed that you won’t hear too much from these animals throughout the day, but they still love to play with their clan. Sounds like the ideal pet, right?

19. Borzoi


Whether you know this breed as the borzoi or Russian wolfhound, one thing can’t be argued – they’re absolutely majestic! On top of that, Woman’s Day reported that the dogs are relaxed and pleasant around their owners as well. So while this canine’s appearance might say otherwise, it’s not highly strung.

18. Bullmastiff

From a distance, bullmastiffs might seem like pretty intimidating dogs. Don’t be fooled, though. These giants are actually very chilled-out animals, showing plenty of love towards their families. And even if they find themselves in a stressful situation, they’re said to handle it with a surprising level of composure. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

17. Rough collie


It could be argued that the rough collie is famous around the world for a very simple reason. Of course we’re referring to Lassie – the classic literature character. But outside of that, do they make good pets? Well, the pooches are known for their devotion and don’t generate a lot of noise. Plus, collies love kids.

16. Italian greyhound

Italian greyhounds are significantly smaller than their ganglier brethren, yet they retain similar personality traits. For instance, Woman’s Day noted that the dogs are equally loving and kind. At the same time, they’re a tad friskier when you look to have some fun in the yard. So overall, the breed’s still pretty peaceful.

15. Sussex spaniel


If you’ve ever encountered a Sussex spaniel, you’ll know that they can get noisy from time to time. Mind you, the barking paints a somewhat inaccurate picture. Apparently, these dogs are extremely chilled, boasting an inner tranquility. As a result of that, the breed can seemingly live anywhere – from rural idylls to crowded cities.

14. Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdogs can easily be mistaken for collies if you’re not up on your dog breeds. But away from their appearance, the beautiful animals have a similar mindset too. As per Woman’s Day, they’re very accommodating towards strangers, while retaining a real love and respect for their own clan at home.

13. Bolognese


If you’ve never heard of the Bolognese breed before, don’t worry – they’re pretty rare in America. Should you be on the lookout for a quieter pet, though, you might want to acquaint yourself with them. Yes, these small dogs won’t assault your ears with constant barking. And the canines are apparently easy-going as well, so that’s a plus!

12. Shiba inu

Even though the shiba inu bears some resemblance to a fox, that’s where the comparisons end. Dog lovers in Japan can’t get enough of them, while fans of smaller canines across the world are also drawn to the animals. They’re said to be incredibly vibrant, yet they don’t make much noise. That’s a nice combination!

11. Labrador retriever


For those of you who want to add a dog to your family, you can’t go wrong with a Labrador retriever. These gorgeous pooches will shower you with love, boasting a calming demeanor. Due to that, the Chelsea Dogs website revealed that this breed is ideal for individuals that require a therapy animal.

10. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

The cavalier King Charles spaniel is a dog that boasts a very desirable trait. You see, they’re just as chilled around people that they don’t know as they are with their own clan. Yet the canine’s laid-back nature doesn’t stop them from showing affection. In fact, they’ll snuggle up whenever you take a seat at home.

9. Saluki


Saluki dogs are beautiful creatures that won’t be afraid to show their love once they’ve bonded with their family. The breed is also said to be good with children. Meanwhile, they’re not the noisiest pooches in the world either, and have a real mellow nature. That’s a lot of ticks in the column, right?

8. Coton de Tuléar

Yes, we know – dog names don’t come more exotic than the Coton de Tuléar. But what can you expect from them as pets? Well, they keep themselves quiet for the most part, only perking up when a stranger arrives at the house. The small dogs love to get close with their owners too, as per the American Coton Club website.

7. Great Pyrenees


Compared to other dog breeds, the great Pyrenees might require a master that isn’t afraid to be stern on occasion. Once you’ve got them under control, though, these lovely animals will be a calm addition to the family. They’re good with adults and kids alike – plus the dogs serve as protectors of the house. Who needs an alarm?

6. French bulldog

Although the French bulldog is a funny-looking breed, it might be the right pooch for you if noise is a concern. On the website Trending Breeds, a report was flagged up mentioning that 85 percent of the participants didn’t have “Frenchies” that barked. So other than snoring, they’re very quiet.

5. Shar pei


As you might be able to tell from their faces, shar pei dogs are very mellow creatures. But they’re no pushovers. While this breed will have an affection for your clan, they can be incredibly headstrong when they put their minds to it. The animals aren’t barkers either – unless a real problem crops up!

4. St. Bernard

St. Bernards are huge dogs that look like they could be a lot of hassle. Yet that’s not really the case. Thanks in part to their size, this breed is as relaxed as they come, chilling out across their family’s house. And they’ll be friendly with your kids when approached. So yes, these canines are true “gentle giants.”

3. Scottish deerhound


It’s fair to say that the Scottish deerhound stands out in the canine kingdom. These dogs are so tall! But don’t be put off by their stature. These animals are apparently very considerate, boasting a calm demeanor at home. By all accounts they grow out of their bad behavior as they get older, so puppies might not be a good idea.

2. Afghan hound

When it comes to iconic looks, the Afghan hound has to be right up there. That hair is just fabulous! Anyway, how are these animals as pets? Well according to Woman’s Day, this breed isn’t noisy and won’t make a mess of your yard. Simply put, other than the obvious grooming they require, the dogs aren’t known for causing problems.

1. Great Dane


You can’t go wrong with a great Dane, right? These massive dogs are wonderful to have around the house, as they’ll connect with anyone – from kids to different animals. It’s simple to build a relationship with this breed, and they appear to love every second of it. Hassle? We don’t think so!