39 People Who Recreated Their Old Photos And Proved That True Love Stands The Test Of Time

Does looking through old family snapshots tug at your heartstrings? Well, you’re not the only one with a sentimental streak. Some people have even gone out of their way to recreate treasured photos, with the results often being both hilarious and touching. Take these 39 snaps, for example…

39. Pizza and burger

We know what you’re thinking: it shouldn’t take such a long time to eat a pizza and a burger, right? It looks like redditor chuckhooperjnr spent 18 years tackling that meal, so it’s probably cold by now. And either this is an uncannily accurate recreation, or those shirts grew with the guys.

38. Mother’s Day

There are many pictures taken to celebrate special occasions, with this one snapped for Mother’s Day. And what better way to show your love for mom than with an updated shoot five years on – even if you may be embarrassed about pulling the same pose you struck as a kid?

37. Pride

Although the couple featured have evidently aged a little, this snap is an excellent update of the original – right down to the matching colored shirts. And, happily, the guys look just as content in the newer photo as they do in its predecessor.

36. Same place


Redditor ryo5210 reshot their adorable family photo in the same spot in Malaysia 20 years on, although their entire neighborhood has been rebuilt since the original picture. However, as one commenter has pointed out, while the background may have changed, the clan’s love seems to have endured.

35. Years later

TheOak posted a then-and-now comparison of his beaming kids on reddit. The pair of photos were taken 12 years apart, with the little ones being just two and four years old when the original was snapped. The one constant in both shots is the happy smiles on the children’s faces.

34. Open spot


Reddit user saltedcaramelmocha uploaded their old prom photo to the site, next to a wedding snapshot taken five years later. And while the buddies have not changed much at all over the years, the newer photo has a somewhat bittersweet tale behind it. “Our friend Kali died in a car accident a few months after prom,” saltedcaramelmocha wrote. “So, we left the spot open in her memory.”

33. Sisters

These photos are separated by 15 years, but the sisters featured are still close after all that time. And their bond has certainly touched some people online. “This is totally adorable,” one poster wrote after the two pictures were posted on reddit. Another said, meanwhile, “Thanks for brightening our day… this is too cute.”

32. Twenty-three years later


A father and daughter have recreated a treasured memory for this shot, which was taken 23 years after the original. And while they’ve both aged, it looks as though dad’s sense of humor hasn’t changed at all. Neither, it seems, has daughter’s tolerance for pop’s unique photo face.

31. Fortieth anniversary

In July 2015 imgur user magic976 shared a photo from their parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. For the occasion, the couple reshot an image from their wedding day to celebrate, replicating the original snap in amazing detail. In fact, mom’s dress and dad’s jacket – which mom made herself – are the same garments in both pictures.

30. Brothers


Reddit’s caineghest had a photo taken with his brother and an unnamed friend decades ago. Then, close to the 20th anniversary of that picture, they all decided to reshoot it – with rather charming results.

29. We met in second grade

Redditor AudsOrEvens provided this picture of a friend and himself in 1997, when the pair were in second grade. And more than two decades on, the duo still have a strong connection to this day. However, AudsOrEvens also remarked that he’s very pleased that the bowl hairstyle has since been lost to the ages.

28. Fifteen years later


Moonschool on reddit provided this side-by-side comparison of a sister holding her younger sibling. And considering they took the shots 15 years apart, the similarities between the two are uncanny – especially the expression on the little sister’s face. Let’s hope it wasn’t a sign that she needed her diaper changed.

27. Choice of beverage

Back in 1984, a couple took a Christmas photo with their little baby daughter sitting on their lap. Adorably, the whole family posed again for a near-identical shot in 2012 – although there is one noticeable difference between the two images. “The only thing that has changed is my choice of bottled beverage,” the anonymous poster wrote on imgur.

26. Marriage ceremony


In July 2016 reddit usmanjutt143 posted a photo tribute to their grandparents on their 56th wedding anniversary. And over half a century on from when they tied the knot, the beautiful couple are still together – something well worth celebrating.

25. Thirty-three years apart

These two guys shot an adorable replication of a childhood photo approximately 33 years later – with even the upturned yellow bucket in place. And reddit BigCarl said that they snapped the newer picture in the same location: his family’s former home. “I can’t even handle how sweet this is,” a fellow reddit user wrote in response.

24. My uncle and I


This photo proves that sibling and child-parent relationships aren’t the only lasting family bonds. One anonymous imgur user posed for a photo with his uncle in 2004; more than a decade on, and the pair still appear to be happy to hang out together.

23. The more things change

After 22 years, these three siblings got together to pose for a contemporary version of a childhood photo. Their expressions are spot on; their clothes are remarkably similar, too. As for the guy’s glasses? Well, they’re actually the same pair, unearthed just for the picture.

22. Welcome to the family


Perhaps one of the most memorable days in these siblings’ lives came when their parents presented the pair with a baby brother. And, adorably, the trio replicated the moment 29 years on in a carefully staged picture; they even went so far as to recreate the clutter on the back of the couch.

21. Before retirement

As a young man, Air Force Colonel avghomeowner posed for a photo with his son. Then, before retiring to civilian life nearly 30 years later, he also took a touching tribute picture. The son, who’s wearing one of dad’s uniforms, is now an adult – although he’s not in service. Beyond that, very little has changed.

20. My niece and I


In 2018 the amusingly named youdontknowmebiotch retook a photo of her posing with her niece. And while there are 25 years’ difference between the two pictures, you wouldn’t necessarily know it from the photo. Reddit users in particular were astounded by the original poster’s ageless looks.

19. Bathtub family

PacificFrim on imgur uploaded this amazingly accurate photo recreation featuring himself, his brother and his cousins. And the shoot certainly went down well on the site – perhaps too well, considering some of the more suggestive comments. Apparently, a bathtub full of naked grown men puts people’s minds in the gutter…

18. Same beach


Redditor Gracynvh uploaded these photos of their family at the same beach, with the snaps having been taken 18 years apart. And although the kids have naturally grown, mom doesn’t look like she’s aged a day. We want to know her secret…

17. Chamberlain brothers

Photographer Zulie Blair took this tongue-in-cheek recreation of her boyfriend, Tyrol Chamberlain, and his brother, Talon, posing. And the image subsequently went viral on social media, as Talon told news website Redheaded Blackbelt in 2017. “I never in a million years thought that on reddit [the photo] would have one and a half million views,” said Talon, who’s seated in both pictures. “I knew it would be something for my friends and family to laugh at – but not the whole world.”

16. We still really like food


Redditor whimsicalfloozy offered this recreation of her family making a meal out of some cake. And the newest picture, titled “We still really like food,” is pretty close to the original. There is one key difference, however. “My cousin refused [to go topless] since she didn’t have chicken pox in the retake! Party pooper,” whimsicalfloozy explained in the comments section.

15. Lasting Friendship

Here are another couple whose friendship has stood the test of time. Reddit user taser94 posted a photo of themselves and their bestie of more than 20 years, standing together in the rain. It’s wonderful to see such devotion to a loved one, regardless of whether it’s a romantic or platonic relationship.

14. Cousins


Reddit user Max_Smash has a strong relationship with his cousins, as these two pictures taken 24 years apart clearly demonstrate. “This [first] photo was taken in 1994 shortly after two of my cousins moved to Detroit,” he explained. “We have ‘cousins’ day’ multiple times a year now and are extremely close.”

13. Same couch

Father PipelinePatrick retook this photo of his son 16 years later. If you think they look like they’re having fun posing, you’re correct. The results were both uncomfortable and hilarious! And, yes, dad is actually wearing the same shirt he had on in the original picture.

12. Throughout the years


This series of photos is likely to hit you right in the feels. It follows a father and son through the decades, from the boy’s childhood into his older years; when it comes to the last image, though, you may find that you have something in your eye.

11. Hilarious humans

At the behest of their parents, these siblings – reddit user TookThisName and his sister – restaged a 20-year-old photo. And the modern version captures the little sister’s sassy attitude and her brother’s exasperation perfectly. Judging by the picture’s title, “My parents are hilarious humans,” TookThisName blames his folks completely, too.

10. Thirty years apart


These three sisters posed for their pictures across 30 years, and it looks as though they’re just as wild as adults. Indeed, it appears as if all the booze in the first picture turned them to bank robbery in the second.

9. Surprise gift

Br0veralls and his brothers had a surprise for their parents: as a gift, they reshot a classic family photo from 20 years ago with the original photographer. “The attention to detail is brilliant,” one reddit said of the new snap. “This has made my grumpy face smile this morning.”

8. Prom recreated


This couple attended their prom in 2004 and posted a remake of their photo in April 2018. They’re still together today and don’t even appear to have aged significantly in 14 years. Perhaps they both have portraits of themselves in the attic that are growing older?

7. Siblings

Redditor danielxclingan had to go to great lengths to take this picture with his distant siblings. You see, since the original picture was taken in 2011, they’ve all moved to separate cities. However, their familial bond was strong enough to bring them all together for a reshoot seven years later.

6. Some things never change


This father took a photo with his daughter, Twitter’s alliah, as a toddler, with her red dress providing a burst of color in the largely sepia-toned snapshot. However, years later, alliah tweeted a recreation of the picture – with both father and daughter having the same loving looks on their faces.

5. Fifty years

In 2017 loumenaclan5 uploaded a recent picture of their family compared to one from 1967. And after 50 years, you’d expect quite a lot to change. Bearing that in mind, these relatives have aged extremely well. The attention to detail in the recreation is quite remarkable, too.

4. Family montage


These three siblings went above and beyond to restage their own family photos from over 30 years ago. And although the brother/sister trio have obviously grown since they took the original pictures, they still appear to be young at heart. “This is sweet,” one reddit commented. “You guys look like a fun family.”

3. Two decades of friendship

Sometimes we lose touch with our friends and drift apart. However, the strongest bonds endure over the years, as is the case with this trio of best buddies. Indeed, the guys are just as close as they ever were 20 years on – or, in Wingman318’s own words, they’re “still going strong!”

2. Ten years on


European reddit user Gordondel took these pictures ten years apart in his parents’ garden in Brussels, Belgium. And commenters to the post applauded the attention to detail in the restaging. One wrote, for instance, “I think you’ve recreated this perfectly. There’s nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog.”

1. Survivors

Edith Steiner and John Mackay are both survivors of World War II. Scottish commando Mackay freed Steiner from Auschwitz during a strike on the Polish concentration camp. The two fell in love shortly after and married in 1946. And, touchingly, the couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary together in 2016 – proving as a result that love can bloom in the face of the worst atrocities.