20 Delicious DIY Drinks That Should Leave Your Body Feeling Completely Cleansed

Surprise! Your body has a built-in detox system. The liver, kidneys, digestive tract, lungs and even the skin help you to push out the bad and hold onto the good. So, there’s no need to purge, as many people have claimed, by sticking to an over-rigid diet or drinking nothing but green juices. What you can do, though, is bolster your body’s natural cleansing processes with antioxidants, hearty nutrition and proper hydration. These 20 drinks give you all the good stuff you need to nourish and better your body.

20. Ajwain water

You may not be familiar with ajwain, also known as carom seeds. But traditional Hindu medicine practitioners have long extolled the benefits that they can provide. Specifically, they use the seeds to soothe indigestion, which can cause bloating. Plus, they supposedly contain antibacterial and antifungal compounds that can whip gut health back into shape.

Making ajwain water is simple enough. Bring a one-liter pot of water to the boil, then pour in a teaspoon of carom seeds. As they bubble together, you’ll see the water’s color start to change in three to four minutes. A golden hue indicates it’s time to turn off the heat. Let the water sit and cool before straining and sipping.

19. Cumin tea

Cumin doesn’t just make your favorite Indian food taste amazing. It also does a whole lot of good for your body, and that’s down to its active ingredient, thymoquinone. This compound gives the spice both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In short, cumin can help you combat bloating, decrease blood pressure and cut cholesterol levels: that sounds like a successful detox to us.

Whipping up a glass of cumin tea is a pretty hands-off process, too. You just need to boil one-and-a-half liters of water, then add two teaspoons of seeds into the mix. Let it bubble over a high heat for 20 minutes, then leave your beverage until it cools to room temperature. A quick strain will remove seed husks so you can easily sip on all the goodness that remains.


18. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranates nourish your body with a flood of vitamins and minerals – vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium and B vitamins among them. Plus, pomegranates have shown promise in studies analyzing the fruit’s ability to prevent swelling and its effect on the gut. So, it makes sense to work pomegranate into your detox routine.

To make it even more beneficial, blend up a glass of pomegranate, beets and aloe vera juice. Two cups of pomegranate juice lend sweetness to the half-cup of earthy-tasting beets, which are often touted for their cleansing benefits. Meanwhile, the gooey aloe vera scraped from a fresh leaf bolsters your immune system. Blend it all together with a quarter-teaspoon of black pepper for a tasty detoxifying drink.


17. Green tea and lemon

No need to wait for this cleansing beverage to cool – you can drink green tea with a splash of lemon while it’s piping hot. And your prep for this one is pretty self-explanatory, too. Simply boil your water, add a green tea bag and let it steep. Then, squeeze the lemon over top and get to sipping ASAP.

Making this your go-to morning beverage will do more than warm you up on a cold day. Green tea contains catechins, which have been shown to fight obesity. Meanwhile, a study on mice showed that polyphenols from lemons helped them lose weight, too. That’s a one-two punch, as far as detoxifying goes.


16. Watermelon smoothie

The unofficial fruit of summertime has more to offer you than a cool, refreshing flavor on a hot day. Watermelon’s not a misnomer for it, either: water makes up more than 90 percent of its contents, which boosts hydration. The fruit also has plenty of nutrients to replenish your body, thiamine, vitamin A, B-6 and C included.

So, slice into your watermelon and scoop out six cups of the pink fleshy fruit inside. Place them into a blender along with a cup of skimmed milk or fat-free yogurt. Both options contain calcium and vitamin D, making this hydrating detox drink even better for your body. Blend it up and you’ll have a sweet, nourishing smoothie.


15. Black tea

There’s a reason why black tea’s a go-to for those who brew a hot beverage in the morning. This variety contains plenty of caffeine to wake you up. But this natural ingredient does more than brighten early-day demeanor: it also stokes the metabolism, aiding in your detox goals.

Black tea has more to offer you than just caffeine, though. It’s unique compared to other herbal blends because it also has polyphenols, which can help multiply the good bacteria into your gut. Plus, the compounds can assist in digesting fat and reducing your overall calorie intake. So, grab so black tea bags and brew yourself a mug to try it for yourself.


14. Maca, spirulina and turmeric smoothie

This detox smoothie has lots of ingredients, but three in particular help you in your detoxification goals. Both turmeric and spirulina have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, while the latter algae-based superfood is one of the most nutrient-dense edibles on the planet. What’s more, maca serves as a natural source of iron, copper and vitamin C, among other nutrients.

You’ll need a cup-sized portion of pineapple, two bananas, a half-full cup of water and half a lime, plus your superfood powders: a teaspoon of maca, a half-teaspoon of spirulina and an eighth-teaspoon of turmeric. Blitz all of that together, then add in two handfuls of your favorite leafy green. Blend again, then get to drinking this belly-bettering beverage.


13. Radish-infused lemonade

You might not have considered radishes as a drinking option. Still, they make the perfect addition to your detox cocktails, if only for the fact that they contain a wealth of fiber. This stuff will stoke your digestion and deflate any bloating you’re feeling. You’ll also get a wealth of nutrients from noshing – or rather sipping – on radishes. The root veggie’s got potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, calcium and iron to offer you, too.

So, slip three slices of radish into your blender with half a beet, a chopped carrot and an apple. Then, pour the juice of two lemons and sprinkle half a lemon’s zest on top. Mix it all up into a digestion-boosting smoothie and, if you want, you can add a bit more water to make it a juicier consistency.


12. Strawberry, mint and cinnamon water

The sweet-and-spicy combination of strawberry, mint and cinnamon tastes delicious. But it has more to offer you than a sophisticated sweet flavor. The dimpled red fruit contains ellagic acid, which may help people get a handle on obesity and the complications that come with it. Cinnamon can soothe inflammation, while mint may quell indigestion and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

And, believe it or not, you can get all of this from a drink that tastes delish. Chop eight strawberries and throw them into a jug or jar. Then, add a cinnamon stick and some mint leaves before filling the container with water. Prep this beverage at night and let it soak until morning for maximum flavor and detoxifying benefits.


11. Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice comes packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and manganese. The dark-red beverage can provide preventative care, too: experts have found evidence that sipping it can stop urinary tract infections and ulcers in their tracks. So, you can sip it on its own – up to two 16-ounce glasses a day – or add a little extra to it and make it really work for your body.

Create an even more cleansing beverage with the help of two additives: apple pectin and psyllium fiber. A tablespoon of each will stoke intestines to gently remove any lingering waste. So, pour them into your base, which will be four parts water to one part cranberry juice. Add a straw and voila – the detox begins.


10. Beet and mint juice

You can’t go wrong in adding beets to your detox routine. The deep-purple veggie comes with a wealth of fiber, which can help balance your appetite and stoke weight loss, too. You’ll only get these benefits from drinking the juice without straining it, so embrace the pulp that comes with this recipe for full detoxifying effects.

Start by chopping up an entire beet and throwing the cubes into your blender. Sprinkle a pinch of salt and some mint leaves over your veggies. Then, blitz it all together, pour and drink as soon as you’re done: the fresher this juice is, the better it will taste.


9. Cucumber, celery and parsnip juice

If you want to detox, you can’t go wrong with a celery juice-infused beverage. Turning the ribbed stalks into something sippable can improve your digestive tract function, clearing waste out naturally. Plus, its calcium, vitamin K and silicon content can strengthen bones, and a natural supply of magnesium can ease you into a restful night’s sleep.

Combine celery with other green veggies and some fruit to make the ideal detox juice. First, set a juicer to low and put a cucumber through, then celery and parsley at the same time. Flip the speed to high before adding an apple, lemon and knob of fresh ginger. Make sure you prepare this as a juice and not a smoothie – it won’t have a nice texture if the pulp and fibers land in your cup.


8. Dandelion tea

They’re not just for making wishes – dandelions can nourish your body with calcium, potassium, vitamin A and iron. They also make an ideal addition to your detoxifying routine because they work as a diuretic. In other words, they push toxins out of your system by way of the kidneys and liver.

Your dandelion tea will consist of both fresh dandelion leaves and dried dandelion root – a dozen tablespoons of the former and six tablespoons of the latter. Brew all of that in four cups of water for a dandelion-packed cup of tea. You can get plenty of goodness from a simpler recipe, which pairs two teaspoons of crushed leaves with a cup of boiling water. Leave it to steep for ten minutes before taking your first gulp.


7. Tomato, leek and cucumber juice

Have you ever tried a Bloody Mary sans vodka? If not, you’re missing out on a tasty detoxifying beverage. The secret ingredient turns out to be the most obvious one: tomato. The red fruit contains lycopene, which experts have pinpointed as a potential weight-loss aid. According to the website Stylecraze, one Chinese study corroborated this theory: female participants saw their waist measurements shrink when they drank the crimson-hued juice.

You can easily whip up a slenderizing drink of your own, so long as you have a food processor to hand. Chop a whole tomato, one stick of leek and a cucumber before throwing them into the appliance’s basin. Add a few mint leaves and pulse until it looks ready to drink.


6. Fennel tea

The taste of fennel might be divisive – not everyone loves its licorice-like flavor. But what we can agree on is the fact that fennel makes a great addition to your detoxification arsenal. For one thing, it helps combat indigestion, which is sometimes a factor in weight gain. Plus, fennel has antibacterial properties that boost gut health and help your body to process food.

On top of that, some say that fennel works as an appetite suppressant, too. So, try it out by brewing a fennel tea – sprinkle one to two teaspoons of crushed fennel seeds into a cup of boiling water. Let it steep for up to ten minutes, depending on how strong you want your tea. Then, strain and serve yourself a digestion-friendly drink.


5. Buttermilk smoothie

There’s no butter in buttermilk – it gets its name from the age-old way it was produced. After churning butter and removing the spreadable solid, the remaining liquid was bottled and labeled as buttermilk. Nowadays, we can create it without the physical labor, while still enjoying the milk protein and good bacteria contained within it.

Bacteria contained in buttermilk or curd can boost gut health, making the two ingredients interchangeable in this recipe – just add a bit of water and salt if you choose the latter. Pour it into a blender, then top with half a sliced carrot, cilantro and mint leaves. You can also sprinkle a half-teaspoon of cumin on top before blending everything. After that, bottoms up!


4. Ginger-garlic tea

Ginger and garlic have long been go-tos in holistic medicine for their well-documented healing properties. Ginger famously soothes the stomach, whether someone’s suffering from bloating, nausea or indigestion. Meanwhile, garlic contains both antiviral and anti-inflammatory compounds. These powers are even stronger when you combine them together.

So, heat a cup of water until it boils. Drop in a chunk of peeled and washed ginger before crushing a teaspoon of garlic into the pot. A half-teaspoon of black pepper goes on top of that – then, steep everything for five minutes. You’ll then strain it and, if you want, add a dollop of honey for a bit of all-natural sweetness.


3. Matcha, banana and kale smoothie

The list of matcha-derived health benefits is a long one. The pulverized green tea leaves can help ward off cancer and the signs of aging. Some say it boosts their energy levels. And, in terms of detoxifying, it contains antioxidants and can increase your metabolic rate, which promotes weight loss.

You can drink matcha in a number of ways, but try this detox smoothie first. You’ll start with a one-cup base of unsweetened coconut milk. Into that, you’ll add a teaspoon of matcha powder, a frozen banana, a half-handful of kale and a half-teaspoon of honey. Blend that all together and you’ll have yourself a sweet, healthy libation.


2. Coconut water, avocado, beet and fruit smoothie

We don’t have the space to extol the benefits of every ingredient in this fruit-and-veggie smoothie, but each one will aid you in the detox you seek. Coconut water has electrolytes to keep you hydrated, while beets flood your blood with minerals that can amp up your cleanse. Avocados, replete with healthy fats, keep you fuller for longer – an obvious boon to detox, too.

We imagine you’re sold on this drink now, so here’s how to make it. Start with a cup of coconut water in your blender, then add a cup each of spinach, strawberries and pineapple. Then, add a diced green apple, a small sliced beet, half a peeled avocado, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne. Mix it altogether to create a nutrient-rich, filling and downright tasty smoothie.


1. Hot water and lemon

When in doubt, keep things simple with the tried-and-true combination of hot water and lemon. The citrus fruit has two major benefits for those trying to cleanse. Firstly, it can kick-start your digestive system, making it an especially beneficial drink to have in the morning. Some swear by it as an anti-constipation tool for this reason.

Studies have also shown lemon to be a promising weight-loss tool, too. According to the website Healthline, when scientists overfed mice, for example, those given lemons’ polyphenol antioxidants gained less weight than their citrus-free counterparts. Anecdotal evidence links human weight-loss to lemon, too. So, reap the benefits by squeezing half-a-lemon’s-worth of juice into a hot cup of water and sip.