40 Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs You’d Never Want Your Family To Hold Up For You

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. “Are airport pickup signs still a thing?” They are indeed, and people continue to get creative with their welcome messages at the terminals. But some of them are pretty embarrassing. So without further ado, let’s explore 40 times that the recipient might have considered just getting back on the plane.

40. ‘Hello, Mr. Wonka’

Now we don’t know who “Chocolate Johnny” is, but we fear for his friend here. Yep, there will be hell to pay once Willy Wonka finds out that he’s escaped the factory.

39. Merry Christmas

When this guy was asked to get into the Christmas spirit, he went in. All the way in. He’s just missing some novelty shades! We wonder how his “Fam” reacted?

38. Momma’s boy

Have you ever seen someone die a little on the inside before? No? Well, here’s a perfect example. This guy looks like he’d rather be anywhere else. His mom seems happy, at least.

37. You’ve been warned


Well, at least the children are still in one piece. But the same can’t be said about the laundry basket. Mom will probably need another vacation once she’s cleaned all those briefs.

36. Look familiar

Now, this is a creative effort. Even if “Mokie” pretends that the sign isn’t for him, the giant head is a big giveaway. Well played, guys. Well played. The car ride should be fun.

35. ‘Didn’t you know?’


Congratulations from all of us, Matt. You’re going to be an uncle! Good for you buddy. Wait… where are you going? The car is this way. Matt? Matt! Oh boy.

34. The bounty’s in the small print…

Thank goodness we aren’t living in The Wild West anymore. Otherwise these two would’ve been hog-tied the moment they stepped off the plane. Then again, we can’t help but wonder – was there a reward?

33. Busted


Oh, Simon. What did you do? Well, whatever your crime, you’ve just entered the hall of fame for memorable break-ups. After all, how many other people have been caught out thanks to their selfie sticks?

32. Taking responsibility

Talk about stepping up in a major way. Anna will be thrilled once she lands! That new house plant is going to receive so much attention when they get home.

31. ‘Is he looking for you?’


North or South? Or does it not matter? Either way, this guy was looking for a very specific passenger at the airport. And he’s clearly a professional. The ear-piece gives it away.

30. ‘I’ve been watching you’

Talk about dedication, right?! With that kind of record-keeping, this person would be welcome in any high-end office. Yep, it might even take their mind off their troubled love life at home.

29. Brutal honesty


Kids, eh? They have such a way with words. Even so, this little guy’s quite fortunate. If he were any older, his mom might’ve thrown him out of the house.

28. Loving children

Embarrassing photos? Check. Less-than-flattering nicknames? Check. All we’re missing is a cringey message to round things off. These guys seem happy enough with their work, though. After all, that alliteration is on point!

27. ‘I’m not pale!’


Sometimes, a person’s appearance can compliment the look of those around them. So if you combine this lady’s pale complexion with her friend’s wild shirt, you’ve got a magic duo. Watch out Batman and Robin.

26. Straight to the point

Why write an essay when a few piercing words will do? Then again, maybe we’ve got this all wrong. He might be referring to last week’s quiz. Or that game of Monopoly at Christmas.

25. ‘Are you talking to me?’


Now, this person may well have been waiting to pick someone up at the airport. Or maybe they were just after some free kisses from the confused arrivals. We’ll never know.

24. The power of love

Well that’s one way to express your true feelings, right? Jody’s brother here certainly seems to think so. We hope that the former’s got a place to stay in California. Their place at the family dinner table is certainly gone.

23. ‘Should someone tell her?’


Sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words. That might sound like a cliché, but this shot definitely falls under that category. They’re probably upside down too, though, so keep that in mind.

22. Welcome to Jurassic Park

Remember that Jurassic Park quote? “…Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Yep, the gist of that message applies here.

21. Never too old


It’s a good thing these parents are finally home. Not only did their son clear out the breakfast cupboard, but it doesn’t appear that he’s got any clean clothes left either. Why else would you wear a penguin onesie?

20. ‘I’ve always been clean!’

With friends like these, a trip to rehab might not sound too bad. After all, a few weeks away could do you the world of good. No annoying digs to embarrass you there!

19. Cocktails for everyone


The hat. The shirt. The margaritas! This guy looks to be having the time of his life, and he’s brought cups for everyone. How considerate! Who needs a cocktail bar?

18. An ancient language

Yes, you can try to read this sign, but we wouldn’t recommend it. You may well open up a portal to another dimension. Look at that cheeky face. She knows.

17. ‘You love me really… right?’


Is it advisable to bring a sign like that to an airport? Probably not. But is it funny? You bet! The lady seems happy enough anyway. Or is that shock?

16. The comedian

We don’t know how long it took this guy to come up with that jokey name, but he should be delighted. It’s a keeper. Wait, what do you mean the real Hugh Jarse just arrived?

15. Put on a happy face!


Well you can’t fault this man’s effort. Who needs a photo when you’ve got your face? We doubt it’ll catch on, though. Think of all the paper cuts you’d get!

14. What a life-saver!

Airplane bathrooms leave much to be desired – especially if you need a bit more… privacy. On that note, we’re sure Sarah was very appreciative of this when she touched down. It should help!

13. A royal greeting


To any Friends fans out there, this sign is sure to raise a chuckle. But if you knew nothing about the comedy, you’d probably grab a camera. After all, royalty’s on the way… right?

12. Brokeback Mountain II

We don’t know about you, but this belated Brokeback Mountain sequel is a little off. Ah yes, that’s it. It’s the setting! Switch that up and we’re good to go!

11. ‘I’m not picky’


Whether Alice realized or not, her driver was dead set on picking up an extra passenger from the airport lounge that day. Anyone really. Unless that’s her full name, of course.

10. Welcome to the family

Now this is either a playful greeting between two guys, or something a little more serious. Judging by this fella’s face, it’s genuinely hard to tell.

9. A very supportive kid


Who doesn’t love a good wedding? This person was all geared up for their dad’s big day – showing plenty of support. And they finally got the mom they always wanted!

8. ‘Can I go back?’

You have to applaud the effort on display here. Three signs, perfectly positioned, and held by a woman’s smiling loved ones. It almost makes the jail time worth it. Almost.

7. ‘Where are you, Dan?’


Something tells us that this guy might’ve been on the receiving end of a massive prank. Unless… oh boy. We don’t envy you, Dan. Not one bit. Okay, maybe a little.

6. Down with the kids

Did someone leave the urban dictionary out again? Anyway, we hope the recipient’s eyebrows really were that stylish. Otherwise, this dude will have looked mighty silly in the airport lounge.

5. A loving nickname


For the sake of this person here, let’s pray that no strangers thought the sign was about them. It might’ve led to an embarrassed look or two. Nothing wrong with a freckled bum, mind.

4. Welcome home soldier

It’s always an emotional moment when a soldier returns home from active duty. But this guy’s partner wasn’t shy in sharing her plans for their time together. Beats a war zone anyway!

3. That’s love right there


Is that an airport greeting sign, or the inside of a mushy birthday card at the store? Regardless, we all need to find someone who speaks about us in such glowing terms.

2. Nice to meet you

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – that baby’s writing skills are on point! Any parent would be proud of that. Plus, that’s one hell of an introduction. Good for you, Harper.

1. ‘Luke and Leia say hi’


Here’s something to ponder. If Darth Vader had shown this much love and affection to his two other kids, things could’ve been so much simpler. Well, you live and learn right?