A Second Glance At These Photos Reveals Nothing Is Quite As It Seems

We all love a nice photo, right? After all, those snaps can immortalize memorable moments from our lives. But there are photographs that, upon closer inspection, can appear a little…off. And downright bizarre! So keeping that in mind, we’ve taken a look at 40 pictures where nothing is quite as it seems.

40. “What are you reading?”

That newspaper article sure looks engrossing. But who’s really sitting in the armchair? Yes, it appears for all the world that the guy is the one leaning over – when in fact it’s the woman. You can thank the angle for that. We thought that head was too big for its body!

39. “Who’s a big boy?”

We know you’re thinking, “That’s one large pooch!” Clifford the Big Red Dog finally has some competition right? Well, we’re sorry to burst your bubble. That’s not a new breed of giant canines; it’s just two golden retrievers going out for a walk. We can sense your disappointment from here.

38. It’s all in the wrist

When they’re caught right, baby photos can be really cute. This one, though? We’re not too sure. Just look at the arms! Hilariously, the adult and the youngster seem to have swapped appendages. The kid could be a junior arm-wrestling champion with hands like that. He’d certainly beat this dude.

37. The sky is falling!… Maybe


Move Mr. Raccoon! Take cover! At first glance, this poor animal looks to be just seconds away from disaster. But have no fear – the angle of the shot is pretty deceptive. You see, they’re not at the brow of a hill. In fact, the pair are down by a bed of water, and the rock is sitting on the surface. Thank goodness!

36. He skipped leg day

The bride and groom’s first dance at a wedding is a truly special moment. But this one doesn’t feel right, does it? Did she marry a faun? Or the real-life Mr. Incredible? Just look at those legs! Ultimately, the dress is to blame for this bizarre visual – it’s still pretty funny though.

35. “How did I get here?”


We can’t tell if this kid looks amazed or terrified – maybe he’s just noticed what we’re all seeing? His body’s vanished! But all is not as it seems. That “table” is actually a box with a pair of mirrors stuck to the side of it. It’s a clever illusion that’s sure to leave a similar expression on your face.

34. The coolest cat in town

Selfies with pets are absolutely adorable, and this one is no exception. Then again, if you zone in on the white cat, something appears to be a little off. Yes, this beautiful feline seems to be sporting a jacket that wouldn’t look out of place in a biker bar. It’s really just the seat she’s resting on – sorry to ruin the visual!

33. Stretch Armstrong


“Thumbs up if you love the food?” This kid here has his pose down, but things start to get pretty weird when you stare at his other arm. Are we looking at a young Stretch Armstrong?! Maybe not. Upon closer inspection, that forearm belongs to another child under the table. We don’t know whether to be relieved or a tad disappointed.

32. “We are one”

Have you ever seen John Carpenter’s The Thing? That’s the vibe we’re getting from this photo. There are limbs all over the place! Of course, the truth is a little less horrifying. If you look past the angle, you’ll spot the woman’s arms tucked behind the little girl, whose legs are hanging down. We certainly hope that’s right!

31. The real Benjamin Button


What a lovely snapshot…or is it? Just take a peek at the youngster’s face. Yep. He’s a real-life Benjamin Button right?! In actual fact, the toddler has positioned his head at the perfect angle, so it seamlessly blends in with the older gentleman’s facial features. He still might grow up to be Brad Pitt, though.

30. “What a beautiful painti…oh”

With some pictures, it’s all about perspective. Take this one for instance. At first glance, it looks like an abstract work of art due to the lower section. But when you flip it “upside down,” the truth comes to light. Yes, the vehicle is really on its roof at the bottom of that ledge. Not so complex now!

29. Open arms


While the kid in the middle is clearly the tallest of the bunch, something’s not right here. Look at their arm on the left-hand side…you see it? It appears to be elongated to a horrifying degree! Before you start having nightmares, though, let’s clear it up. That hand actually belongs to the second youngster in the line.

28. X-ray vision

That’s a pretty nice black van wouldn’t you say? It’s even roomy enough to house a table of seven people in the back! Unfortunately, you haven’t just discovered a dormant ability to see through sheet metal. In fact, you’re staring at a truly remarkable reflection that fits the vehicle perfectly. We’re impressed.

27. The new iPhone


A helping of wine and a pack of cards – sounds like a fun evening to us! But doesn’t that phone look a little…small? Even by today’s standards? Well, it’s all about perspective. You see, the device is really on the floor next to that lady’s foot, with the glass giving the impression that it’s on the table.

26. Full moon

Big night ahead ladies? That might explain the reasoning behind this sel…wait. What’s going on back there? That’s not what we think it is, right? Thankfully for the girl in pink, she hasn’t just mooned the mirror at the worst time possible. Instead, it’s the shoulder and armpit of the photographer. Blushes well and truly saved!

25. Photobomber in training


With the tennis court in the background, this is a pretty perfect shot. Yet if you look a little lower, you’ll notice that the man and woman aren’t the only one’s posing for the picture. Thanks to some incredible stealth, a young boy has made his way in too. He’s got a bright future as a photobomber!

24. Cruising down the highway

Do you habitually spend your vacation on cruise liners? Tired of the same old routes round the Caribbean and the Med? Well, maybe here’s the answer. It appears to be an ocean-going liner that helpfully fits snugly onto the back of a flatbed truck. Okay, okay, so we’re messing with you. It’s just thanks to the angle of the shot.

23. Half-price pooch


As soon as you look at this dog, something else will catch your eye to the right. It can’t be, can it?! Why isn’t this person calling for help? Well, don’t worry: it’s not what you think. No, this pooch hasn’t been carved in two during its time in the forest. Instead, the canine is resting next to a wooden log. Phew!

22. Hitching a ride

The group here probably got a shock when they looked at this photo again for the first time. And we don’t blame them – it’s utterly hilarious! If you can’t see it, focus on the first woman’s shirt and slowly bring your eyes up. Yes, that guy in the background appears to be sitting on her back like a cowboy riding into town. Yee-haw indeed.

21. The mirror universe


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that coffee shops must feature mirrors all over the place and this one appears to be no exception. Or is it? Upon closer inspection, those two women aren’t sitting next to a reflective pane of glass. Instead, they’re alongside another table. The ladies nearest the camera might’ve just encountered their doppelgängers!

20. Blending in

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – the pattern on those floor tiles leaves a lot to be desired. And they seem to be made of quicksand! Thanks to the color of this lady’s leggings, she appears to be sinking into the floor. We bet that if you could see her face, the look of resignation would make it even funnier. Something along the lines of, “We’re never coming back here again.”

19. Good times laid bare


Look at those smiles – you can tell this group’s had a good night. But if you peer below their faces, you might be in for a shock. That girl in the middle is naked isn’t she?! Before you avert your eyes, though, take another peek. It’s actually the arm of the lady next to her, positioned at a rather unfortunate angle.

18. Coming to a salon near you

That’s a unique hairstyle isn’t it? But what’s really going on up there? Take a closer look…and hold in your screams. Yes, that’s a huge spider sitting at the top of the girl’s head. Wow! She’s got more guts than most of us – we’d never do that! It’s a look that shouldn’t catch on.

17. Dracarys!


Trees can be weird and wonderful at the best of times thanks to their shape, yet this one is particularly odd. Just scan the area to the right. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – it looks like a dragon. The Game of Thrones production staff could’ve saved millions using this instead of CGI.

16. What a beautiful face

If you’re wondering why someone snapped a picture of a random clothing rack, then please examine the red shirts at the top – specifically the sleeves. It’s pretty spooky, though. Yep, there appears to be an ominous face in that area, watching over the shop floor. We told you it was unnerving!

15. “Let’s skip town”


Don’t you just hate it when bugs land on the windshield of your car? In this instance, though, the photo from the passenger’s side gives the impression that the grasshopper’s bigger than it actually is. Much bigger. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was launching an attack on the local town. Where’s Godzilla when you need him?

14. Picture-in-picture

To help celebrate the holidays, this family posed for a nice photograph together. But why does that painting on the wall include a random man’s head in the corner? As it turns out, he’s part of the clan – and not on the canvas! It would’ve given new meaning to the phrase “picture-in-picture” if he was.

13. Mix and match


Yoga on the beach: sounds enticing, right? Then again, this picture isn’t as normal as it appears. They aren’t using each other’s backs as a support. Instead, the women are in a curved shape and utilizing their stomachs as a base. We don’t know about you, but our spine hurts just looking at the photo!

12. “Is Jurassic Park open?”

Coati are some of the cutest animals around, so we don’t blame this person for snapping a shot of them crossing a path. Yet if you look at them from a certain angle, the group are hilariously similar to a herd of dinosaurs. Maybe they could be used as stand-ins in the next Jurassic World movie?

11. Where’s your head at?


As a parent, there are few things more fun than taking your child out swimming. Mind you, this snapshot has a better chance of giving us nightmares than a warm, fuzzy feeling. What on earth is happening here? The man and kid’s heads seem to be one and the same!

10. She can hear you

What a beautiful dog Daisy is. And she’s got some ears on her too! But those lugs don’t belong to her – there’s another pooch in the background practicing their photobombing skills. It still needs some work if we’re being honest. Daisy certainly won’t be impressed if she ever sees the photo.

9. Crooked or clever?


From a distance, you’d say this was a normal-looking parking lot right? Well, take a gander at the walls of each level. You see it? They’re so crooked! Did the builders read the plans incorrectly?! It’s like staring at the edge of a hastily assembled Jenga tower. Maybe it’s better on the inside, though.

8. The horror!

When this person snapped a shot of their pet, they probably had no idea of the horror they were about to unleash. What is that?! Well, we can assure you that it’s just a dog tilting their head at a strange angle – not an H.P. Lovecraft monster. Yet it might take a few glances before your brain registers it.

7. Nice abs


You might not notice anything inherently wrong with this picture at first. After all, it’s just two women in a clothing store. If you look at the lady on the right, though, something quickly becomes apparent: those aren’t her abs. Yes, she’s standing over the bottom half of a mannequin. Well, we hope it’s a mannequin…

6. Strong shoulders

Is it just us, or does this groom appear to have incredibly strong shoulders? If you didn’t notice it, his white shirt gives off the impression that the bride’s legs are draped over him. For clarification, they aren’t. But even so, that’d be some wedding photo! One for the private album anyway.

5. “They grow up so fast”


This child seems like a real whiz kid – he’s graduated years ahead of his peers. Yet the strangest part of this photo is in the bottom right corner. Yes, there’s an abnormally large hand coming out of the gown. We ultimately know it belongs to the guy on the left, but still. That’d be quite a growth spurt!

4. Pigeon invasion

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t find your car? Well, if this photograph is anything to go by, giant pigeons can relate. You see, someone snapped a shot of the birds while they rested on a ridge. Yet thanks to the perspective and the color of the concrete, we got this gloriously bizarre visual. Let’s hope they’re good drivers.

3. Catch of the day


At first glance, this is a very wholesome photo of a dad taking his kids fishing. But when you scan the bottom half of it, something is instantly amiss. Specifically, the lower section of the guy’s body. He looks like he’s floating and happy about it! The shorts are to blame for the effect, while his legs are sneakily placed behind the children.

2. “I’m really here…honest!”

A teacher working hard in his office – what’s wrong with that? Well, quite a bit in this instance. As it turns out, you’re looking at a picture that had been printed and stuck to the window of the door. It’s like watching someone get caught out during a Zoom call!

1. Star student


As you can see here, lecture halls are always bustling with activity during term time. Yet there’s an unusual-looking student sitting right in the middle of this class. Can you spot them? Yes, that’s a massive dog watching the action intently. We can’t confirm or deny if the pooch ended up as valedictorian, but they gave one hell of a speech.